24 10:00-18:00
(inc. 30 min. break)

visual research in fashion design & beyond

fashion label and multidisciplinary design studio FRISUR

In this intense crash course you will sketch first drafts of a fashion collection.

First, we will guide you through strategies to find the right approach in order to define and communicate your brainchild through creating your own expressive moodboard. Second, having framed your idea, we will use this powerful tool to organize and link your inspiration to create the base for a consistent fashion collection – or any other creative output.

Participants will learn how to organize their inspiration, their ideas, moods and feelings and how to benefit from Visual Research in their daily artistic work.

This crash course in Visual Research is not only for everyone, who is interested in designing a strong and convincing collection but also for writers, musicians and many more. This methodology helps everyone who wants to bring their abstract ideas to a concrete output.

In addition to the main focus - actual making and creating - we will also share our experiences of the daily work at our brand FRISUR where all our artistic output gets a „real-life“ feedback.

The workshop will take place at the tutor’s so you’ll get the chance to gain an insight to a fashion brand and design studio.
You should bring any form of digital camera or phone. No computer needed, all other materials will be provided. The workshop is open for everyone, no artistic background or fashion design skills needed.

Apie vadovą / About the tutor

Stephan Sunder-Plassmann (visual communications) and Thies Meyer (fashion design) are a Berlin based design duo knowing each other from childhood. Both graduated from Berlin University of Arts. Stephan and Thies founded the fashion label and multidisciplinary design studio FRISUR many years ago and recently presented their Spring and Summer 2016 collection on international tradeshows.
Through the work on their brand and the development of 4 collections per year visual research is an important part of their every day work. Their different artistic backgrounds help to explore a variety of research strategies.

Kaina / Price