16 10:00-18:00

interactive art

by Martìn Romeo

The workshop provides the tools to build a project based on the use of real-time multimedia (digital sets, audio-visual performances, interactive installations, etc.). The following topics will be tackled: problems and phases in the construction of a process, from production tostaging, in order to realize one’s artistic work. The workshop explores in terms of both theoretical and practical points of view, the aspects that make up a show of contemporary dance or an multimedia installation. It aims to further understanding of the differences in the creation of these two art forms, namely the manner and timing by which the elements are used and combined: body, sound and image. 

Video demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwFgpCNC_8Y 

- Sunday 16 (10-13): Presentation of Vvvv software, learning its functions and key features that will be used during the workshop. It will be taught how to program to get the real-time exchanges starting from the multiple webcam connection to map and change the surrounding environment with its presence or movement making it interactive.

– Sunday 16 (14-18): Introduction of Kinect camera to connect the real to the virtual; recognition of the human skeleton, identification of the movements in space, use the infrared sensor and 3D scanner. It will be given the knowledge to evaluate what are the operating characteristics to create a relationship with the environment and image. This last follows, interprets and responds according to its change and the parameters that the director-artist has preset in the software assuming the matches.

Workshop language: English

Reikalavimai / Requirements

It requires no specific knowledge: the course starts teaching the basics of Vvvv software (vvvv.org) and interactive environment with reference to contemporary art. The participants must have their own laptop (installation instructions vvvv.org/downloads | 32bit version + addons).

> Install also: VLC (videolan.org/vlc)
> Optional: a three-button mouse and a webcam.

Apie vadovą / About the tutor

Martín Romeo is an Italian-Argentine multimedia artist-based in Venice, whose research is directed to interactive art, ranging from video installations and dance performances.
Artistic director and founder of the Toolkit Festival of Venice and the Screening Festival of Trieste, he presented his work in various European and international contexts. He teaches new artistic forms connected to interactive technology among others in Belgium, China, Italy and Netherlands.


Informacija apie dirbtuves / Workshop information

max 12 participants, for any questions please contact: info@artisticworkshopseries.com

Kaina / Price

80 €